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Wind project raises questions

Reunion Power has targeted Grandpa’s Knob and the Pittsford Ridge through Castleton, West Rutland, Pittsford and Hubbardton for 20-25, 459-foot-tall wind turbines.

We are writing to express our concerns and opposition to this project, and raise some questions for thought.

Reunion Power has already begun negotiations with the landowners along the ridge to obtain leases to place the turbines and have had meetings with several of the town managers. If wind power is such a good thing, why is so much of this negotiation being done in secret?

Wind developers are in business to make money; they do not have our best interests at heart. Wind developers care only about their bottom line. When the subsidies run out, what will we be left with?

The tallest mountain in the range is slightly over 2,000 feet above sea level. The foot of the mountain is at 700 feet above sea level. In reality the mountains are only 1,300 feet tall. The turbines will loom over the range by 30 percent. The turbines will affect every resident, light, noise, visual impact. How will this change your life?

The turbines will be in full sight of the Hubbardton Battlefield, the site of the only revolutionary battle fought entirely in Vermont. This battlefield is in nearly the same state as it was in 1777. When the rear guard retreated, they went over the Pittsford ridge. The battle continued sporadically up the ridge. The proposed turbines will be on the route the soldiers took. It is believed some fighting continued to the top of the ridge. Could it be that those turbines will be on part of the battle site? It would be a dishonor to those brave men to destroy the sanctity of this site and shame for us to let it happen. Will future generations be able to visit this site and visualize those Revolutionary War soldiers, as we can today, with the turbines in place?

If this project starts there will be no turning back, for one can never undo what has begun. If you share our concerns, contact your town manager, elected officials and most of all talk to your neighbors, and let us prevent this from happening.