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Question time for the PUD

What is the basic charge of $7 for? Why do we mail our payments to Clark County? What do the employees at the beautiful PUD building do? Collect payments dropped by there? Do they prepare the billings? What do they do?

Now to the November rate increase of 17.5 percent. The reason for the rate increase given was because they bought into two wind farms. Now we find out they closed down the wind farms for five months because the hydro power and the wind farms produced too much power. And they couldn’t sell the extra power to Pacific Power because the contract to buy power was terminated. Question – How can a contract be terminated? My next question, who was the brain we determined we need the wind farms? Apparently, the hydro-power was sufficient, as it has been forever.

Now we have been forewarned of another increase because we have to pay two or three other power companies off. Why? I have had three monthly budget payments increased from $88 to $123 and now $145.

June Grier