March 29, 2012

Planning Commission approves wind project

Written by George Gale, 29 March 2012

(Thumbs up for Ocotillo Wind Project)…The County Planning Commission voted 9-1 to approve the project.

The Commission held a Public Hearing on the proposed development Wednesday. The hearing continued for over 6 hours before all the testimony could be heard and a vote taken. Pattern Energy is proposing the project near Ocotillo. The development would include over 100 wind turbines, generating enough energy to power 120,000 homes. Pattern will sell most of the energy to San Diego Gas & Electric, transporting it to San Diego through the Sunrise Power Link, currently under construction. Most of those opposed to the Ocotillo Wind Project were Native Americans who claim the development will destroy sacred lands in the Desert. Pattern says they plan to work with the Tribes, primarily the Quechan’s, to insure no sacred areas are violated. The Planning Commission decision can be appealed to the County Board of Supervisors.

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