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Wisconsin Public Service deserves blame for turbine woes

How many more families do we need to cripple in the name of wind energy? In December 2010, Shirley Wind went online. Within six months, two families were forced out of the homes they still own by the Shirley industrial wind turbines and have not returned. One moved into an RV; the other purchased a second home with additional mortgage burden.

Critics will say these homeowners are just garnering attention, but what fool announces to the world that their home is unlivable, if it were not true?

One could blame in turn: Shirley Wind, greedy turbine landowners, town officials, renewable energy mandate and greedy investors. I lay the blame on Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) for buying Shirley Wind electricity and not demanding responsible wind turbine siting. Recently, a letter was sent to 15 top executives at WPS and signed by 500 WPS customers requesting that WPS not purchase any power from irresponsibly sited wind turbine projects.

The irony is that Shirley Wind electricity wasn’t needed. Our state generates 25 percent excess electricity, and WPS has fulfilled its renewable mandate. I ask the same question: How many more families do we need to cripple in the name of wind electricity?

Dave Hettmann