March 27, 2012
Letters, Massachusetts

More to energy cost than just its source 27 March 2012

Jonathan Comey’s column reporting that he “felt a surge of pride on top of the visual goosebumps; pride that my son would grow up in a town that was doing something good for the Earth” (“Bringing lofty idea down to Earth,” March 18) while driving past the first wind turbine in Fairhaven is the perfect metaphor for simplistic thinking about energy conservation.

It’s far from clear if windmills save any energy. Energy is used to build and keep them in repair. Cost savings, if any, are offset by the loss of value in neighboring property.

Taxing gasoline is far more efficient in saving energy. Higher gas prices reduce driving and encourage more fuel-efficient cars for everyone, not just the people living near the wind turbines. Revenue could be used to reduce other taxes or fund worthwhile public projects, such as better schools and research into sensible energy conservation.

Dan Georgianna


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