March 24, 2012

Chile supreme court blocks 112 MW wind project

SeeNews Renewables, 23 March 2012

Chile’s supreme court yesterday ruled against the environmental permit awarded to the 112 MW Chiloe wind power project due to the lack of preliminary consultations with local indigenous communities.

The appeal against the project came from the indigenous community of Antu Lafquen de Huentetique. The appeal was initially rejected by Chile’s Puerto Montt court of appeal in October 2011. However, the supreme court said that the environmental authorities had acted arbitrarily by not making necessary consultations with the community.

Therefore, the environmental permit was annulled and the project will have to undergo a new environmental assessment.

The environmental impact declaration, submitted by local renewable energy firm Ecopower, was approved in August 2011. The project is located on the Chiloe island in the southern Los Lagos region.

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