March 23, 2012
Letters, Maine

King’s wind ties 23 March 2012

I recently read in the BDN that former Gov. Angus King will place his assets in a blind trust if elected to the U.S. Senate. He has also transferred his stake in his wind energy company, Highland Wind, to his business partner, Rob Gardner.

It is not at all unusual for a businessman of Mr. King’s wealth to make such a move; in fact, it is quite common and imperative for judges and political figures to create blind trusts in order to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Creating the trust doesn’t mean there won’t be conflict of interest if Mr. King is elected senator – it just means an effort has been made to avoid the appearance of one.

Don’t feel badly for businessman Mr. King, his business partner or his newfound friends in the wind industry, foreign multinational corporations. They have also set their sights on Maine’s wind resources and free wind power subsidies. A Sen. King won’t let them down.

Neither Mr. King nor his friends will lose; however, the citizens of Maine may lose. A Sen. Angus King will continue to support and vote for legislation that will carry on the useless permanent devastation of our Maine mountains for the benefit of the industrial wind industry.

The result – very few new jobs, higher electric rates and continued destruction of Maine’s brand as a “vacationland.”

Greg Perkins


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