March 22, 2012
Letters, Ontario

1,000 wind turbines 21 March 2012

We have all heard a great deal recently about Industrial Wind Turbines, but are you aware of the large number of turbines proposed to be built within the next 2 to 3 years in our area?

Approximately 800 wind turbines will follow the Lake Huron shoreline, extending from Amberley (north of Goderich) through Grand Bend to Sarnia, and east to include Lucknow, Hensall, Credition, Parkhill, Strathroy and Alvinston. This number does not include the turbines proposed further inland and along Lake Erie & Ontario. In addition there are already over 175 operating turbines in the Kincardine and Ripley area and on the Bruce Peninsula. This means that there will be approximately 1,000 turbines from Kincardine to Sarnia. Project details can be found online in individual project reports or at and

Many of you reading this live in rural Ontario. You choose to live here for the same reason that I do. You feel that it is a healthy place to raise your children. You enjoy the beauty and serenity of the countryside. Now all this is being taken away from us. We have all read of the health, environmental and economic effects of Premier McGuinty’s Green Energy Act, but please take a minute to consider what this will do to the health and wellbeing of the residents of this area. Perhaps this doesn’t affect you “in your back yard”, but do you really want this to happen to our beautiful Lake Huron Shore line? Is this what you want to see and hear on your vacation?

Rural Ontario must make themselves heard. A rally against IWT (Industrial Wind Turbines) is planned in Toronto on April 3, when the “Wind Industry Barons“ will blow into Toronto for the Ontario Feed In Tariff Forum at the Metro Convention Centre. Plans are being made for buses to leave from various areas for the rally. I encourage you to Contact Dave at Bluewater Against Turbines (BAT) for details. It will take only one day of your time and can make a HUGE impact. Please come out in support and let us make our concerns heard.

Anne Russell

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