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Wind energy a bad deal for Oregon

I am embarrassed, frustrated and deeply disappointed by Senator Wyden who joined a bipartisan group of senators on March 15, introducing an unmerited bill to extend wind energy tax credits for two years; just two days after the US Senate wisely defeated a similar proposal.

Senator Wyden continues to ignore the indisputable facts about wind energy even though it is widely known that wind energy is neither green nor efficient and is horribly expensive. Oregon’s wind project, Shepherds Flat, is already being touted as the biggest example of this taxpayer boondoggle in the world. Federal, state and local subsidies total more than $1.2 billion–about 65% of its $1.9 billion cost!

It is calamitous that any of these industrial wind facilities were built in the first place. Isn’t it time for our legislators to cut taxpayer losses rather than belly up to the wind developers’ snake oil trough?

Pamela Wilkinson