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Lukewarm reception for egg plant’s new turbine

Despite months of opposition, a controversial 150ft (46.9m) wind turbine has been given a lukewarm reception by its new neighbours.

Egg farmers FG Thompstone were met with fierce opposition when they revealed plans to install a 225kW triple blade turbine on land in Anslow Park, off Main Road, Anslow.

However, residents living within eyesight of the newly-installed green energy development have today dismissed the complaints as hot air.

“I think that there could be a lot worse things in your back garden,” said Sam Dolman, of Main Road, as she looked across the rolling green fields to the structure.

“It’s not bothered me at all but I know people did have issues with it.

“It needs to stick as one or two turbines though. I think if it was any more that would really get up people’s throats.”

An extraordinary meeting organised by Anslow Parish Council in January saw scores of villagers voice their opposition to the plans.

It took weeks for the proposals to get through the town hall while planners pored over an extensive public consultation on the development.

Almost a year ago to the day, the turbine was refused by East Staffordshire Borough Council but it was then overturned by the Independent Planning Inspectorate in August.

Throughout, applicant Frank Thompstone maintained it would generate green electricity, which would reduce the 36,000-hen firms’ reliance on fossil fuels.

He told the Mail: “The turbine is a lower output than what we have planning permission for. The tip height is the same but the blades are much shorter.

“The reason is we were aware of the feelings of our neighbours in regards to noise – and the shorter blades will be quieter.”

However, Mr Thompstone declined to comment on whether the farm was harbouring any plans to install more turbines on the site.

The planning inspector ruled in August that the one turbine would not ‘unacceptably harm’ nearby homeowners and put in place strict noise restrictions.

Graham Brummit, of Main Road, said: “The turbine doesn’t bother me, not at all.

“We wouldn’t want a field of the things but one turbine providing green energy for an egg farm – I don’t see how that would affect anyone’s life.”

Bob Warrington, who has lived in his Main Road home for 25 years, added: “I can’t say that I like having it on the skyline, but I don’t mind it. It wasn’t until the other night that my wife pointed it out that I realised it was there.”