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Questions for wind backers

While I sympathize with the fate of the poor birds, it seems to me that we should ask the promoters of the proposed wind farm in Palm Beach County some hard questions before a permit is issued. Among them:

How many dollars per kilowatt are they going to charge the consumer? If the cost is above market values, will they force Florida Power & Light to absorb their more expensive electricity, after which FPL would pass the difference on to its consumers? Are they receiving taxpayer subsidies from the state or federal governments?


West Palm Beach

Turbines disastrous to birds

The planned 114 wind turbines for western Palm Beach County would not clean the air but they would leave carnage.

I have seen the bird kills in Europe and California. In one area, according to the Golden Gate Audubon Society, turbines kill 75 to 100 golden eagles, 380 burrowing owls, 300 red-tailed hawks and 333 American kestrels (falcons) annually. The Alameda County Development Agency points to 10,000 bird kills annually. What do you think will happen to our migrating birds? Green energy such as solar is great, but wind turbines kill.


Boca Raton

Editor’s note: The Sugarland wind farm is before the Palm Beach County Commission on Thursday.