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Barrel Law turbine battle

Contrary to figures in a recent article, people in this area are completely against the Barrell Law wind farm proposal.

At a very well attended meeting recently everyone spoke against the proposal and a show of hands showed all 44 people from 17 to 82 years opposed the proposal. A number of people from Hawick and further away came to register their opposition but didn’t take part in the vote. This is what local people really think, not the numbers announced by the developer.

All the traffic will come along the B711 from the A7 south of Hawick through Roberton. This road is already hazardous with all the timber lorries and eight months of extra continous heavy goods trafiic is too dreadful to imagine.

The windfarm at Langhope Rig, which was approved against the wishes of locals and Scottish Borders Council (SBC), still hasn’t started so if this new scheme is approved we will face 18 months risking our lives every time we venture out of our houses.

This is one reason people can mention when they object and other grounds include damage to the landscape for cyclists, walkers and people who value peace and tranquility. It will also harm the tourist trade here and throughout the Borders as these huge monsters will be visible for miles around. There is a mast on Barrel Law just above Whitslade which is 70 metres and each of the eight turbines will be 125 metres – nearly twice the height of this mast.

Can I remind everyone who who is against this scheme that they can register their objection by writing to or emailing the planning department at SBC or going to the council website and recording their objection directly there. Objections must be received by March 30.

Please help us fight this dreadful scheme. It is vital to all of us in the Borders because developers are always looking for the next area to ruin for ever.

Madge Anderson