March 16, 2012
Letters, North Carolina

Considering birds 16 March 2012

Regarding the March 9 article “State approves wind farm near wildlife refuge,” the state of North Carolina and the wind company, Invenergy, are creating a negative image for the wind energy industry and North Carolina. This negative image is created by Invenergy’s applying for a certificate and the N.C. Utilities Commission’s granting a certificate for Invenergy to construct wind turbines in a Global Important Bird Area, which encompasses the Pungo Unit of Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge.

The Pungo Unit was established as a refuge in 1963 to serve as an inviolate waterfowl sanctuary. For five months of the year, this location is where more than 100,000 migratory waterfowl live and is the East Coast winter home for tundra swans. The wind turbines for the Pantego Wind Energy Facility will be in the primary foraging area for the waterfowl. This site was eliminated for a Navy Outlying Landing Field because of the waterfowl.

The most important consideration for a wind company when evaluating a location for wind turbines is to avoid and minimize harmful effects for wildlife. If this project goes forward, this will show that the wind energy industry and North Carolina have no consideration for wildlife or wildlife habitat.

Frances T. Armstrong


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