March 14, 2012
Letters, Vermont

Greed driving wind power development 13 March 2012

Some of the same serious problems exist on Georgia Mountain for the wind project as in Lowell. I believe in the truth. It is not cheaper and better for the environment or the Green Mountains. Wind turbines are ugly and they do not fit in Vermont or the environment. They are not as good as solar or hydro or nuclear power. Ask yourself, does expensive wind power pay you back? Solar does.

The destruction of Georgia Mountain is for greed by the landowner. Wind turbines are not reliable like solar or hydro power is.

So people, what is wrong with this project? Get the facts on wind turbines. You might be surprised as to what you see and hear.

Mr. Landowner, if you don’t care about people, only your greed, put up your wind turbines, but it will never go away and the people will remember. With all the demonstrations that are going on about wind turbines that we do not need, Burlington Electric, Green Mountain Power, the governor and the Public Service Board should listen to the people, not money that they can make by failing the people who pay their salaries and that is a fact.

The people will remember what happened in New York. A wind turbine burst into flames and fell down. How safe is that? That could happen here in Vermont.


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