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No green fix yet

While I agree that the world needs to find ways to lower its use of non-renewable energy, the solution to that problem has not been discovered yet.

Wind energy and electric vehicles are not the solution. The next time you drive by an eyesore known as a wind farm, try to imagine 25 years down the road when the maintenance costs on those dinosaurs exceeds their energy return. Will they be taken apart for scrap, or left to deteriorate and clutter the landscape?

I also believe the hidden costs of wind energy are unacceptable. How many taxpayer dollars go to it, what are the environmental costs of manufacturing the towers, blades and generators, and the costs of hauling the components and infrastructure materials?

Electric vehicles were touted as the panacea, but there’s little written about the disposal of the exhaust-ed batteries. GM has suspended production of the Volt for five weeks because of poor demand. Articles in automotive magazines suggest that more efficient use of fossil fuel is a better solution.

As a truck driver who owns his own truck, I would love to learn how I can save most of my fuel. Most owners I know would be over the moon to save 10 per cent to 15 per cent on their fuel costs.

Kerry Smart