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Answering the kings of wind spin

Highland Wind Farm LLC (also known as Emerging Energies LLC), Jay Mundinger, Bill Rakocy and Tim Osterberg principals have nothing to be proud of. Gentlemen, the only reason your organization has started this public relations campaign is to satisfy the requirements of the PSC application for a Certification of Public Convenience and Necessity.

During the course of multiple town meetings questions went unanswered and misinformation and disinformation was presented. Presuming that the residents of Forest would have no knowledge of Wisconsin Statute Chapter 79 Utility Revenue Sharing, EE presented a graphic which was labeled as “contributions,” giving the appearance that EE would be giving money to the town and county. It was not until EE was called out that an explanation of Utility Revenue Sharing was given.

In the letter from Jay Mundinger, the lure of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and all this money circulating in the community, in your businesses, taverns and shops sounds great; however if that is the case, it is highly illegal on so many levels and the people of St. Croix County are far more intelligent and informed. Again that money would be in the form of utility revenue sharing.

When Emerging Energies (EE) arrived in the Town of Forest, they (EE) had already completed their groundwork. They knew there was no zoning and, given the state of the economy, it would be a soft sell to cash-strapped landowners and those looking for additional income. Within the contract is a non-disclosure clause which ultimately served to sever family, friends and the community. This is the same strategy that was used in Glenmore, Fond du Lac and many other communities.

EE wasted no time in filing a $25 million dollar lawsuit against the Town of Forest when the newly elected (by recall) board dismissed the contract signed by the previous board. The lawsuit was withdrawn when EE decided to raise the stakes and up the project so that the state would have the last word. Does this sound like a company that has the best interests of the people of the Town of Forest or St. Croix County in mind?

If EE was an ethical, principled group there would have been no reason for the secrecy surrounding the Town of Forest proposal from the start. If having a 50-story industrial wind turbine on 40 acres of land is such a fantastic financial gain, then I would think people would be lining up to sign up. The cost to the community, surrounding communities, the environment and the infrastructure is too great. Throwing confetti to the wind and seeing where it lands is more responsible than the placement of these turbines.

Round and round and round they go and where the turbines land no one will know until they land in your town. To learn more: theforestvoice.org, www.renewwis consin.org, betterplan.square space.com, www.emerging-energies.us.

Scottie Ellen Ard

New Richmond