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Statkraft: Farm working within noise limit

Statkraft, the company which runs the Alltwalis Wind Farm, has said it has nothing to hide, in response to comments at the petitions committee.

“The wind farm continues to legally operate within the conditions laid down by the local authority when planning consent was granted,” a spokesman said. “And if individuals continue to consider that the noise to be an issue, then the correct course of action is to contact the local authority in the first instance, as per the agreed management protocol.

“Statkraft has shown with specific actions that it is willing to correct and operate Alltwalis Wind Farm within its conditioned noise limits.”

The firm claimed it worked closely with residents, the local council and the wind turbine supplier to solve the noise issues. It said this discussion brought a number of changes, including a gearbox being changed on one of the turbines.

But it said residents had repeatedly refused access to the monitoring equipment.

Despite this, the company said it had shown successfully the wind farm is operating within noise limits.

The spokesman added: “The information shared with AMs when we provided a briefing and site visit is wholly accurate.

“Statkraft has nothing to hide from how it is operating Alltwalis Wind Farm within its lawful rights.

“Furthermore, the AMs have been provided with a summary and conclusions of the Alltwalis Wind Farm Noise Condition Compliance Report.

“In any case, Statkraft will be providing further information to the Petitions Committee in light of comments made at the public meeting.”