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Senators call for moratorium on new wind farms

Senators John Madigan and Nick Xenophon say their federal parliamentary colleagues are refusing to support a moratorium on the construction of new wind farms in Australia.

In a motion moved on February 8, the Senators called for the seven recommendations of a Senate inquiry into wind farms – handed down more than seven months ago – to be acted upon immediately, with a moratorium on new wind farms pending that action.

Senator Madigan said that while he was pleased the Senate had noted the Government’s need to respond to the seven recommendations, it was disappointing the call for a moratorium was removed from the motion.

“I’ve spoken to literally hundreds of people in Victoria and South Australia who have been steamrolled by the wind farm proponents, these people are having serious health and social concerns ignored,” he said.

“The fact the Senate won’t put construction on hold while issues are addressed means they care more about corporate profit and the health of people and communities.”

Senator Madigan hosted one of the wind farm forums in the Clare Town Hall last month.

Senator Xenophon supported Madigan’s calls, labeling the lack of support for a moratorium as disappointing and nonsensical.

“It doesn’t make sense for both the Opposition and the Australian Greens not to support the cautionary approach of a moratorium, given they signed onto the majority report in June last year,” Senator Xenophon said.

The Government is yet to respond to the seven recommendations made in the inquiry report.