March 7, 2012
New York

Planning board accepts GDEIS; Public hearing scheduled for controversial project

By CAROLYN GODFREY, Mid-York Weekly, 7 March 2012

MADISON – The Madison Planning Board unanimously voted last week to accept a Generic Draft Environmental Impact Statement (GDEIS) concerning the proposed Rolling Upland Wind Farm and the construction of up to 36 windmills in the township. Approximately 20 area residents, some from the area where seven could be located, voiced their concerns at the Feb. 29 special meeting that had been announced the day before.

The proposed location map for the project, prepared by the developer and submitted to the town in the Application for a Special Permit, shows that 10 windmills would be near the existing turbines that were constructed in 2000 on Stone Road. Most are to the south, on the east side of Quarterline Road, and seven would be located to the west of Quarterline, near residences on and above McCormick Road, Hill Road and Purdy Road.

Officials said that the acceptance of the GDEIS would allow for the public to become more involved in the process and to have the opportunity to review the proposals at an earlier time.

“This is a bit unusual and is in response to the board’s concern to involve the public early and often in this,” said Doug Ward, attorney for the windmill company. “We don’t expect we’ll be able to please everybody but we do want to give the public the opportunity to comment at the appropriate time.”

The first public hearing on the proposal will be held at 7 p.m. on April 18 at Madison Central School. The planning board assured those in attendance that comments from the public will be heard and taken into consideration as the process continues; more hearings will be scheduled if needed.

Information on the project is available for review in the Madison Town Office and will be on the town’s website, as well as the windmill company’s ( Be sure to watch for more information as it’s announced at or on the Mid-York’s Facebook page.

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