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Anti-windfarm protesters step up action with letter to PM

Anti-windfarm protesters have stepped-up their campaign by writing a letter to the Prime Minister urging the government to rethink its energy policy.

The Stop Common Barn Windfarm campaign group, led by Sandro Proietti, is campaigning to prevent developers TCI Renewables erecting three, 126metre-high wind turbines at Common Barn near Southoe.

Mr Proietti, of Midloe Grange, Southoe, hopes the letter – which includes an eight-point “composite story of the 35-year life cycle of a windfarm” – will nudge David Cameron into reconsidering planning policy relating to the installation of wind farms, as well as the amount of subsidies given to landowners.

He told The Hunts Post: “Once an application has been declined by Huntingdonshire District Council there usually follows an appeal by the company.

“After that, a government inspector comes along, reviews the case, and finds a reason why the application should go ahead – that reason is usually something to do with it being government policy.”

Mr Proietti also urged the PM to reduce the amount of subsidies given to landowners: “They’re way too high,” he said.

“And greedy landowners have no reason not to erect wind turbines in places which are ruining communities.”

Mr Proietti’s letter follows one written by Conservative MP for Daventry, Chris Heaton-Harris, in January which called on the government to change the level of subsidy available to on-shore wind energy production.

This was signed by 106 backbench MPs and had cross-party support.

But Mr Proietti said: “Jonathan Djanogly didn’t join the 101 Conservative MPs in writing to the PM to urge a reduction in onshore wind subsidy.

“As a resident of Southoe, where there is a potential application for three, industrial sized turbines, I have concerns our local MP is not supporting local residents with such applications.”

A spokesman for Mr Djanogly, MP for Huntingdon constituency, told The Hunts Post: “As a Government Minister Mr Djanogly has to adhere to a collective responsibility and therefore cannot sign or support Early Day Motions or backbench letters.

“However his position continues to be that whilst he supports the use of renewable energy, he has been supportive of resident’s campaigns concerning a number of proposed wind farms around the constituency, details of which can be found on his website.”

INFORMATION: For details on the Stop Common Barn Wind Farm campaign visit www.stopcommonbarnwindfarm.com