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Both sides of Pilrow battle present views of proposed Broadview Energy wind farm

The battle of Pilrow will come to a head this spring when Broadview Energy’s proposed wind farm on land between East Brent and Rooksbridge will go before planners.

Campaigners say they will object to the plans while the energy firm have modified the original proposal and are promising cash to community organisations.

They have already given £2,000 to Brent Village Hall – an action that greatly irritated the NoPilrow group.

In the latest clash between the residents and developers photo montages have been deployed to pursue the arguments for both for and against.

Broadview Energy has released an image of how the site may look following their exhibition of plans in the village halls at East Brent and Mark.

It shows the turbines to have all but blended into the landscape.

The NoPilrow group have also released an image of how the site may look – this time from the M5 – and their image shows the turbines to be more prominent.

They are concerned about road safety and the distraction to motorists the wind farm may cause.

They said in a statement: “NoPilrow is very concerned about the serious distraction that the four enormous 426ft high turbines may cause to the drivers on the busy M5 motorway.

“This will be especially relevant for motorists driving South and emerging from beneath the A38 bridge at Rooksbridge when they will immediately be presented with this scene.

“We believe that our montage highlights both the conflicting views that drivers will be presented with, and the possibility of accidents occurring due to drivers momentarily losing concentration, because of the immediate visual impact of these turbines.”

Broadview said there were other examples of turbines next to motorways, stating: “There has been a 120m high wind turbine operating on a busy commuter route into London, approximately 150m from the eastbound carriageway of the M4, and at Reading’s Green Park.

“Lambrigg wind farm is adjacent to and visible from the M6 motorway, and has been operating since January 2000.

“Broadview’s Low Spinney wind farm, constructed in September 2011, is adjacent to and visible from the M1, and there is no statistical evidence that highway safety has been compromised at any of these sites.

“Furthermore, the Highways Agency has been consulted on the proposed Pilrow wind farm and has raised no objection.”