March 3, 2012
Letters, Scotland

Tourists or turbines?

The Courier, 3 March 2012

I should like to add an additional thought to Clark Cross’s excellent letter. Today we are faced with two options as regards wind power. We must ask ourselves whether we wish to continue with a tourist industry which we know works and which creates considerable employment and which makes money. Or we can have turbines which do not work, create next to no employment in this country and which costs you, the reader, a lot of money every time that you pay your electricity bill. We cannot have both.

Any person who loves turbines hates the tourist industry, just about the last industry in this country.

W. Alex McIntosh.
Upper Granco Street,

Draining our assets

The case “for” wind turbines fails to mention whence the money comes, ie, from us bill-payers, as detailed by Clark Cross. Unlike Donald Trump’s inward investments, these “white elephants” drain our assets.

Likewise, today’s renewables contribute, typically, well under 5% at best and, in cold, anticyclonic weather, less than 1% of our electricity, from over 3000 UK windmills. Their manufacture increases CO2 output, perhaps contributing to climate change. It’s logical, indeed necessary now, to curtail installations of all renewables until better equipment can be developed to contribute usefully to our needs.

Also, though fossil fuels are running out, they, including our coal and shale gas, are good for several hundred years, during which time we will, hopefully, see better means of generation from “crash” R&D programmes, as in wartime.

(Dr) Charles Wardrop.
111Viewlands Road West,

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