March 3, 2012
Letters, New York

Property rights should protect all property owners, not just some 3 March 2012

There are people who want wind turbines in Prattsburgh at any cost. They believe that the settlement of 2009 should be enforced, granting Ecogen the right to install wind turbines wherever they want, whenever they want, with out-of-state labor, while condemning private property through eminent domain- all while receiving a 90% tax break.
Instead of debating the facts and offering solutions, these folks argue about where they went to school, where they shop, and who does what for various community organizations.
Regardless of what organization you belong to or where you buy bread, if you pay taxes, you should have the same property rights as any other taxpayer.
Compromise doesn’t mean “you give me everything I want.” After a decade of conflict, we need true compromise, with each side making concessions.
After all of the twists and turns of the last decade, there is now a glimmer of hope that a true compromise could be on the horizon. The Town Board has passed a reasonable wind law, with realistic setbacks (based on a study commissioned by Ecogen), and noise guidelines mirroring NYS DEC recommendations.
It’s easy to form an opinion without facts, and attack those that disagree. It’s difficult to take a stand to protect our Town and the property rights of its citizens, while being attacked by the very people you are fighting for. It is encouraging that Lenny McConnell (like many of us before him) now appears to be awakening to the facts.
A very real possibility now exists that a wind project can be built in our Town that could be financially beneficial to Ecogen, the Town, and the School and Fire Districts, while protecting the health, safety, and property rights of Prattsburgh citizens. We need to stop attacking each other, and help make it happen.

Steven R. Kula
Prattsburgh, NY

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