March 2, 2012

Wind turbines are ‘unsuitable’ for English countryside – MP

Tamworth Herald, 2 March 2012

MP Dan Byles has slammed wind turbines as ‘unsuitable’ for the English countryside, after visiting a wind farm to see and hear it for himself.

Mr Byles, MP for North Warwickshire, met with the Leicestershire farmers who owned the land that four 125m high turbines have been built on, as well as meeting neighbouring villagers who are opposed to them.

Dan told the Herald: “Given the concerns I have expressed over onshore wind turbines, I wanted to speak with people in our local area who have been affected by recent wind farm developments.

“The farmers who kindly allowed me onto their land and showed me around were clearly sincere in their belief that the turbines did not negatively affect their farm or their family life.

“But the villagers I spoke with afterwards are horrified at the gleaming windmills which now tower over their village and dominate the countryside.

“”Having seen these four turbines up close, I haven’t changed my mind on their unsuitability for the English countryside.

“I was struck by how enormous and imposing the turbines really were. Almost three times as high as a high voltage electricity pylon, they reach to nearly 125m from their base to the top of the highest blade.

“Locally, we are going to see more and more planning applications for wind turbines, and we will have to decide what our policy is going to be.

“Plans are still pending for a 67m turbine at the Granada Service Station at Tamworth, and more concerning are potential plans for up to eight large turbines of some 125m between Austrey, Warton and Orton on the Hill.”

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