February 29, 2012

The spin on the wind

Clarence Fanto, The Berkshire Eagle, www.berkshireeagle.com 29 February 2012

Here are highlights from some of the public comments at the Monday night Lenox Town Hall forum on a proposed wind turbine installation:

George Darey, Lenox resident, chairman of the State Fisheries and Wildlife Board: “Speaking personally, our natural beauty is our biggest asset. This mountain is a pristine area. I’ve spent a lifetime there hiking, cross-country skiing, hunting, camping and just walking through it. I hope that the Selectmen decide to do away with this wind project, but I’m afraid that unless the Selectmen or somebody steps up to provide some protection for this 1,000 acres of watershed, in a few years you’re going to have somebody come up with some other idea to put in up there.”

Dr. Stephanie Beling, 34-year full-time Richmond resident: “Individual reports of adverse health issues in widespread locations are numerous in medical literature and are serious enough and similar enough to warrant further scientific study, including measurement of stress hormones, blood pressure and sleep studies in people’s homes.”

Scott Laugenour, Lenox Environmental Committee member, Green Rainbow Party leader: “I would suggest the Select Board place an article on the Town Meeting warrant not to bind us to a final decision but to take the pulse of the community – something to the effect of: ‘We in Lenox believe pursuing alternative forms of energy, including conservation, solar and wind’ and have that be placed before town voters, not specific to this project.”

Cynthia Wick, Lenox resident: “I came from California thinking wind turbines were fantastic and I think there are places where they can work, but I don’t think it’s here.”

Olga Weiss, Lenox resident: “Initially I was pro-wind – [but] ridge lines are not renewable; environmental degradation, disruption of the ecosystem, loss of valuable soils and plants that control water runoff are serious considerations. Lenox should enhance its green footprint by investing in solar power and by promoting conservation.”

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