February 28, 2012
Letters, Vermont

Prophetic words

www.timesargus.com 28 February 2012

It seems to becoming more evident that wind turbine projects slated to be built on mountain ridges are gaining more opposition, as the construction schedules become more aggressive. The planting of turbines on mountain ridges found lots of resistance early but the voices were few. So it came to pass those mountaintops were despoiled. Now more and more are going on and more and more people are coming out against this utter sham and waste.

The green power of substance in Vermont has and always will be hydro, solar, biomass and conservation. But ask the wind tower people why that’s not good enough. Remember the only way they can answer is that they have a hammer and everything looks like a nail. No relevant contribution to the grid, just to the greed. Ask yourself if that mutated mountaintop or hill is the end product you will wish to call – Vermont? I opened the Bible recently. Reading down the page I found the following passage, “And this also is a grievous evil – exactly as a man is born, thus will he die. So, what is the advantage to him who toils for the wind.”

Eric Lind


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