February 28, 2012

Hundreds meet to air their windfarm worries

Shropshire Star, www.shropshirestar.com 27 February 2012

Hundreds of people turned out for a public meeting near Shrewsbury to oppose plans for a £22 million windfarm which could see eight massive wind turbines built in the countryside.

The meeting on Saturday was called to launch a campaign against plans by EDF Energy Renewables for the windfarm, which would span four farms between Minsterley and Worthen.

The energy firm has already submitted plans to Shropshire Council for a test mast, with full plans for eight 127 metre (416ft) high wind turbines expected to be lodged at the end of the year.

About 200 people attended the meeting at Worthen Village Hall over the plans and spoke of their concern about the impact the wind turbines could have.

The meeting was chaired by Shropshire Councillors Tudor Bebb, who represents the Rea Valley, and Heather Kidd who represents Worthen and Chirbury. The two councillors who have joined forces to speak out against the plans.

Mr Bebb, who chairs Shropshire Council’s planning committee, told the meeting he would not be involved in the decision-making process for the turbines.

He said: “I don’t want this to get political. I have lived in the Rea Valley for around 50 years. As farmers we are custodians of the land and I can’t understand why someone would want to spoil this valley.”

Meanwhile Worthen farmer Glyn Jones received a round of applause as he said: “I am very disappointed in them. Not all farmers are for wind turbines and the farmers that have done this have sold out their community and friends.”

Minsterley resident Alison Fraser said: “You can’t mitigate against the massive visual impact these turbines will have on the area.”

Residents were urged to put pen to paper and send in their objections to Shropshire Council about plans for the test mast. A board was also put up for people to express their feelings about the possible wind farm.

Adam Gornall, from Acton Piggott, said: “People feel like this community has been battered, three years ago the post office in Worthen was closed, then we had the pylons last year and now this.”

Speaking after the meeting Councillor Kidd added: “This meeting was arranged in just under a week and the turnout shows the strength of feeling in the community about these plans.”

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