February 27, 2012

Wind farm action group blimps Towcester race goers

www.aboutmyarea.co.uk 27 February 2012

Tove Action Group (TAG) had a busy weekend flying its orange blimp at locations near Shutlanger and Towcester racecourse.

Members of the public were able to see the blimp from a considerable distance including from Easton Neston, Roade, the A45 near the Tiffield junction and from the far side of Towcester.

A spokesperson for TAG said today:
“Many of the residents of the surrounding villages have thought that they would not see the wind farm from where they live, but flying the blimp has been a revelation and many people are shocked to discover how the turbines would dominate the landscape for miles around.”

“We spoke to hundreds of race goers on Sunday and gave out leaflets to inform people about the proposed wind farm. When they saw the blimp in the sky people were astonished to realise how high the turbines would be and the majority of those we spoke to were against the idea of a wind farm so close to the racecourse and were concerned about the noise and shadow flicker. Photos taken around the racecourse make it clear that the turbines would be highly visible – if the blimp can be seen, so would the turbines.”

In speaking to race goers it was also obvious that lots of people are only too familiar with the problems of wind farm development in inappropriate locations in unspoilt countryside, and many people were involved in campaigns opposing wind farms in other parts of the county.

The spokesperson for TAG commented:
“It is clear that public opinion is moving against wind farms. People are increasingly aware of the true cost of industrial wind turbine development and recognise that not only do these destroy the rural environment, but they fail to deliver on their promises. On-shore turbines are unreliable and inefficient and they are totally reliant on artificial subsidies that are costing us all more than a billion pounds a year.”


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