February 27, 2012

420ft Fraisthorpe wind farm ‘would overpower Bridlington Bay’, protesters claim

Hull Daily Mail, www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk 27 February 2012

Residents are preparing to fight a nine-turbine wind farm that they claim will “overpower” Bridlington Bay.

John Elsom fears tourism in the seaside town could suffer as a result of the 420ft turbines – 62ft higher than St Paul’s Cathedral – proposed for nearby Fraisthorpe.

The scheme, put forward by TCI Renewables at Auburn Farm, is one of several wind turbine applications in the area.

Mr Elsom, of South Cliff, said: “I regard Bridlington Bay as an area of outstanding natural beauty.

“But people sitting on the beach or walking along the pier will see these nine turbines above and the 12 in Lissett in the background.

“This scheme will be overpowering for Bridlington Bay.

“I am going to be taking this up in a big way.”

Mr Elsom doesn’t feel there has been enough consultation in Bridlington.

He said: “I am very concerned about the lack of consultation.

“The energy company doesn’t seem to think the development affects people on the town.

“It’s in Fraisthorpe but it will have a huge impact on us.

“We rely heavily on tourism here but visitors are going to be disappointed to see these turbines on the cliff tops.

“The number of wind farm applications round here is phenomenal.

“I am fearful of Bridlington being labelled a wind turbine town and that could put tourists off coming here.”

There is growing disquiet about the number of turbines surrounding Bridlington, according to Mr Elsom.

He said: “There are a lot of people who have a similar opinion to me.

“There has been no exhibition about the plans in Bridlington.

“Perhaps the TCI thinks there will be no opposition here but it couldn’t be more wrong.”

TCI originally wanted to build 15 turbines on the site but has reduce the number to nine following consultation.

A wind-monitoring mast was installed last year to measure the speed.

As part of the development, 4km of access track will need to be built.

In its submissions to East Riding Council planners, TCI argues the plans have been adapted to reduce any adverse impact.

The company said: “Amendments to the design of the project in relation to turbine height, number and layout have been made in direct response to the findings of the environment impact assessment, planning policy and public consultation to ensure environmental and social impacts are minimised while the site’s potential to generate renewable energy is fully realised.”

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