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Trump unites groups in war on windfarms

Campaign groups from across Scotland are joining forces following a declaration of war on windfarms by Donald Trump.

Two weeks ago we revealed how a Sunday Post article, written by Struan Stevenson MEP, inspired the tycoon to take on the Scottish Government’s turbine plans.

Mr Trump, who is fighting an offshore development near his luxury golf development in Aberdeen, also pledged to do “whatever it takes” to stop Scotland being “encircled by monstrous turbines”.

Following our story, it has emerged that Trump is set to honour a promise to allocate a “substantial amount of money” to launch an international campaign.

And the umbrella protest group set to benefit from the war chest, Communities Against Turbines Scotland (CATS), have revealed the latest twist is inspiring nationwide unity amongst those opposed to windfarms.

“I’ve been inundated by emails and calls,” said CATS spokeswoman Kim Terry.

“Those concerned range from a man in Drummore who runs sea angling courses, who fears his business is going to be wrecked by offshore windfarms, to protestors in Crieff, who say their local landscape is being destroyed.

“The emails are coming in from all over the nation.”

Officials from Mr Trump’s organisation, including the tycoon’s right-hand man, George Sorial, are set to visit St Andrews this week to meet members of the CATS, before a separate public information meeting on wind power.

Mr Sorial has confirmed that a plan of action, including discussions over finance, will be thrashed out in the seaside town.

He added: “I’m determined to support them with whatever is necessary. We’re in the process of nailing down the details.”

The decision to bankroll protestors, however, has led to accusations from wind industry body, Scottish Renewables, that Mr Trump is “bullying” the Scottish Government.

But last night Graham Lang, who is chairing this Thursday’s public meeting, said the claims are “laughable”.

Mr Lang said this week’s event has been organised by Cameron Community Council (not CATS or Mr Trump) and will bring the spotlight to bear on the huge amount of turbine applications in Fife.

He added: “A lot of people are very upset about plethora of turbine applications in the countryside.

“They talk about Trump bullying the Government. The Government is bullying its citizens.

“An application can be refused by a local council. The applicant then appeals and Scottish Ministers approve it. Where’s the democracy in that?”

Struan Stevenson MEP, who is also speaking at the event said: “Donald Trump’s representatives are right to come along to St Andrews to compare notes on how best to face down the wind farm developers and the Scottish Government.

“We have a responsibility to ensure that Scotland seizes this opportunity to create tens of thousands of new jobs and secure billions of pounds of investment in our economy.

“We welcome the widest possible debate on how developing our clean, green energy resources is bringing industry and jobs to communities across Scotland.”

Meanwhile, anti-windfarm campaigners are set to demonstrate outside Aberdeenshire Council’s headquarters tomorrow.

Residents concerned about the amount of wind turbine applications in Aberdeenshire will be making their feelings known on the matter when they gather outside the council’s headquarters at Woodhill House in Aberdeen.

They will be protesting outside while councillors inside the building attend a seminar discussing the subject of wind turbines – the event is not open to the public.