February 24, 2012

LURC to discuss public comments on changes to expedited wind development permitting

Contributed by Jym St. Pierre, www.maineenvironews.com 23 February 2012

At its March 2 meeting, the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission will discuss public comments received on proposed revisions to LURC’s application review process for expedited wind energy developments. The wind power discussion is scheduled for the afternoon session of the LURC meeting, which is being held in Jackman.

According to a staff summary, the comments can be “divided into (1) those that were supportive of the suggested changes to the process and offered additional changes; (2) those that were opposed to the proposed changes but suggested other changes to potentially accomplish the Commission’s goal; and (3) those that were opposed to the staff proposal because it possibly eliminated from the process the public hearing component, which they believe to be essential to provide for citizen input and a thorough review of wind energy projects.”


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