February 24, 2012
Delaware, Letters

In defense of Lechliter’s turbine stance

Cape Gazette, capegazette.villagesoup.com 24 February 2012

We are part of community action group known as CALL (Citizens Advocating a Livable Lewes) and reside in Lewes full time.

Having worked with Col. Lechliter for almost a dozen years, we have come to realize that he has been a major factor in preserving hundreds of acres of open space in Lewes and generally made Lewes a better place to live.

The recent viewpoint by Ms. O’Nell, which you chose to highlight with a bold black border and position in a prominent location in your paper, was nothing more than emotional gibberish with no real facts about the nature of the lawsuit or the motivations of Col. Lechliter.

None of us are against green, renewable energy; it is the future of our nation and a focal point for the next economic boom. I am familiar with Dennis’s opinion on the wind turbine; in fact, he and I had a discussion at Bruce Chandler’s recent holiday party. What Col. Lechliter’s lawsuit deals with is not the green aspect of the turbine, but the procedure (or lack thereof) surrounding the construction of the turbine.

The fact that Ms. O’Nell suggested that Col. Lechliter move to West Virginia indicates how uninformed she is about the real issue.

We respectfully request that you provide adequate space to print our entire viewpoint because it contains many facts and details which we feel your readers will be able to use in forming their opinion about the valuable contribution this Lewes resident has made to our community.
Thanks for your paper’s valuable contribution to our community.

Joe Jelks
Bethany Beach resident since 1971
Lewes resident since 2001

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2012/02/24/in-defense-of-lechliters-turbine-stance/