February 23, 2012

Wind Turbine Bill debated in Senate

www.build.ie 23 February 2012

The Wind Turbines Bill 2012 has been introduced by the Labour Senators’ Group and debated during private members’ time.

This Bill would restrict the placing of wind turbines near people’s homes. There has been great public support for this Bill, as wind turbines placed too close homes may cause difficulties particularly in terms of noise.

Senator John Kelly will propose the Bill on behalf of the Labour Senators, and said: “While we all fully support the development of wind turbines offshore and onshore as a sustainable energy source for Ireland, we must recognise that wind turbines placed too close to people’s homes may have a detrimental impact either visually, in terms of noise created, or in terms of potential health risks. This Bill would create a reasonable restriction on the placing of turbines too close to homes and I am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce it in the Seanad.”

Leader of the Labour Seanad Group, Senator Bacik, said: “The introduction of this Bill provides an example of the effective use of the Seanad by Labour Senators as a forum for bringing forward legislation on issues directly relevant to the quality of life of individuals and families.”


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