February 23, 2012

Common Sense Nantucket members make site visit to Berkshire East PW 56 turbine with Nantucket Energy Study Committee

Common Sense Nantucket, www.commonsensenantucket.org

On Friday, February 17, members of Common Sense Nantucket (CSN) were invited by the Nantucket Energy Study Committee to visit the Berkshire East wind turbine, located at a ski resort in western Massachusetts. The primary purpose of the joint trip was to assess first-hand the noise level of the same PW 56 industrial wind turbine —albeit 60 feet shorter—being considered for the Madaket landfill.

In the words of CSN’s Karen Palmer “Our worst fears were confirmed. Even standing 4000 feet from the turbine, the industrial whine, whoosh and blade “thump” were unrelenting. It didn’t take long to make you want to escape the noise. That the Town is advocating that we be subject to this 24/7 is inconceivable.”

There are roughly 40 residential properties on Nantucket within 4000 feet of the proposed turbine site, and over 200 within one mile. Given the island’s topography, the 325 foot turbine would loom in the view of hundreds more. With the island’s very low ambient sound level, particularly at night, the incessant industrial noise would carry a great distance.

“After standing under this huge machine, listening to the noise and visualizing its impact on the island, it is very clear” reported CSN attendee Kija Kim. “This would be a disaster for Nantucket.”

Common Sense Nantucket asks that voters and Town officials alike take note of the clear message contained in a letter sent last week by Massachusetts State Senate President Therese Murray to the town of Plymouth, Mass: “It is my strong belief that Industrial size wind turbines do not belong in residential neighborhoods….No one should be subject to unnecessary discomfort as a result of any turbine project and we need to site these projects responsibly.”

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