February 22, 2012

Trust lodges plan for two 40m wind turbines on Wormit Hill

By Craig Smith, www.thecourier.co.uk 22 February 2012

The Wormit Trust has this week submitted planning applications for the pair of 50kw wind turbines on land to the south of Wormit and hopes the project will find favour with planning officials.

If approved, the turbines are expected to be clearly visible from other parts of Fife and from across the Tay in Dundee. The potential developers say the turbines will contribute greatly to energy requirements and will not negatively impact upon the landscape.

A supporting statement accompanying the application says a larger turbine could be justified in this area but noted the application was for smaller 50km wind turbines, suggesting that proved the application was ”not purely financially driven”.

”The visual impact of the turbine has been kept to a minimum and positioned so that it will not be seen from the village or the main road,” it reads. ”The position of the wind turbine should not detract from property.”

► Financial subsidies offered to communities living near wind turbines have been branded bribes which distort reality.

Fife councillor Mike Scott-Hayward said north east Fife in particular is witnessing a ”deluge” of planning applications for wind turbines.

In an open letter to local MSP Roderick Campbell, Mr Scott-Hayward said: ”The driver clearly is the financial benefit which accrues from the various forms of subsidy.

”I and many others consider that without those subsidies the systems woule be wholly uneconomic. A false market is being created and that is leading to considerable and actual change to our landscapes.”

Mr Campbell said he would reply in due course.

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