February 22, 2012
Nova Scotia

Anne Murray’s letter to NS premier regarding Pugwash wind farm

www.ocean-resources.com 21 February 2012

Dear Premier,

Once again, we along the Gulf Shore are faced with the prospect of an industrial wind farm being erected very close to our homes and golf course. Once again, I find that prospect deeply disturbing.

This is a golf destination and tourist area with vacation homes on a beautiful coastline. In the last several years, there has been a steady influx of people and a flurry of building activity in the area. Many of these people are building their dream retirement homes. This has been a tremendous boon for local trades people and for the community. I believe that this wind farm will stop that activity, property values will plummet (this is already happening all over the world), businesses will decline and dreams will be dashed. The quality of life for everyone in the community will be compromised.

Northumberland Links is a world-class golf course. Its serene, seaside location and excellent reputation attract golfers from everywhere and we need those golfers to help sustain the links. Wind turbines are imposing structures and definitely not the kind of thing one wants to see from a golf course. Turbines are a curiosity, but only once. I believe they would pose serious threat to the future of Northumberland Links.

I am very much in favour of alternative sources of power, but I also believe that people, location and the environment must be carefully considered when planning these things. I find it alarming that residents of Pugwash have noted seventeen deficiencies with the Environmental Assessment for the Pugwash wind farm. Your Minister of Environment chose to dismiss those concerns without any further discussion. Surely this can’t be how an important decision like this is made.

I beg you to see that such an installation would have a catastrophic impact on the economy and environment of Pugwash and the surrounding area. It is simply the wrong place for this project.

Respectfully yours,

Anne Murray

The Honourable Sterling Belliveau
The Honourable Percy Paris
Mr. Brian Skabar, MLA
Environmental Assessment Branch

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