February 19, 2012
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Is anyone listening to wind turbine fears?

Grantham Journal, www.granthamjournal.co.uk 19 February 2012

Since the erection of the Frinckley Farm Wind wind turbine, and noting the application to SKDC for a Wind Turbine installation at Allington, villagers in the Carlton Scroop, Normanton and Barkston areas have become increasingly concerned about the unfettered proliferation of such visually destructive developments in the rolling landscape of South Kesteven.

However, there is little evidence of concern on the part of local district council members, who seem more interested in traditional party politics rather than involvement with, and representation of, the longer term local interests of the electorate that returns them.

Carlton Scroop and Normanton Action on Wind Turbines has lodged a further strenuous objection with SKDC in respect of the proposed Carlton Scroop development.

Our objection emphasises the detrimental impact of such proposals on the landscape, which is totally contrary to SKDC’s declared policies on the environment, and demands that both a full Environmental Impact Assessment be undertaken (as required by Town & Country Planning Acts), and that realistic, timely, on-site assessments take place on the impact noise, flicker, and mere turbine presence would have on both wildlife and local residents.

Readers concerned with the proliferation of such developments around in the Grantham / South Kesteven area and keen to keep in touch with emerging developments can join our email news service at carltonscroop@gmail.com.

The landscape impact of the Frinckley Farm Turbine can be seen in the attached image viewed from Honington Church.

Mike Robinson

Via email

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