February 18, 2012

Wind test tower gets okay

By Jannaya Andrews, Decatur Daily Democrat, www.decaturdailydemocrat.com 17 February 2012

With a large crowd gathered, both in opposition and support, the Adams County Board of Building/Planning and Zoning granted a request for a variance by Gamesa Energy to allow the construction of a meteorological tower to be built at 200E and 1100N in Adams County.
Gamesa representative Duane Enger addressed the board, stating that the purpose of the 232-foot tower is to gather data regarding wind speed, direction, and ambient temperatures in the area.
After collecting data over a period of years, Gamesa will use it to determine whether or not a wind turbine would be feasible, according to Enger.
Before opening the floor to discussion, board attorney Adam Miller reminded the crowd that the purpose of the meeting was the meteorological tower, not wind turbines. Miller also asked that due to the large amount of people, those who wished to speak should be brief.
Despite Miller’s reminder, most of the talk from the crowd, both for and against, centered on the possibility of wind turbines being built in the county.
Leroy Boerger, who owns the property where the tower will be built, addressed the board, noting that a meteorological tower already exists in Adams County.
“Wouldn’t this tower fall under those same laws?”, Boerger asked the board.
After much debate, and a few tension-filled moments between residents, the board was ready to make a decision, and the tower was unanimously approved with no restrictions.

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