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Wind farm victims ‘deserve HS2 rights’

A Hollingdon woman is furious that those affected by HS2 could get compensation, but she would receive nothing for having her ‘life ruined’ by a series of 410-ft -tall wind turbines.

In December plans were submitted to build four turbines, each bigger than the London Eye, at the edge of Aylesbury Vale – in an area that campaigners claim is one of the least windy in Bucks.

Mrs Hazel Coey, 58, claims her house will be worth 50 per cent less if the wind farm is built – but the group behind the plans claim it is not ‘reasonable’ for her to seek compensation.

Up to 6,000 residents in places such as Stoke Hammond, Soulbury, Stewkley and Drayton Parslow are likely to see the turbines if they are approved.

The final decision on the Dorcas Lane wind farm will be made later this year by Aylesbury Vale District Council. Those against the plans believe it is a crucial test case, which could pave the way for more turbines to be built in the Vale.

Under the HS2 plans, the government will buy homes along the route if the owners meet certain criteria – and in 2027 those affected by things like noise can apply for compensation.

Mrs Coey, who has lived in Hollingdon for eight years, said: “With HS2, I understand if it impacts on where you live there is a compensation scheme, at least you can get something. But when there is a wind turbine you get zilch.

“Having four wind turbines, the height of the London Eye, 700 metres outside my house, would you buy my home?

“There is no compensation, it is not like with HS2. Who is going to buy my home if I wanted to move?”

Mrs Coey believes the turbines will ruin her quality of life. “The problem I have is how can you live at home when you have the noise. If it is windy it will go thump-thump as the blades go around.

“There is also the flicker as well, it will be like a strobe lighting effect which will drive me insane and everyone else working from home.

“It is going to completely change the landscape and the environment will be absolutely devastated. We cannot believe that someone will put something that close to where people live. It is affecting my health, we are all stressed out and worried about it.”

A spokesman for Force 9 Energy, which is proposing the wind farm, said: “The UK planning system does not operate on the basis of compensation.

“Imagine you were to build an extension which overshadowed your neighbour to a degree, but not sufficiently to warrant refusal. Would you think it reasonable to be liable for compensation? The same principal applies with the proposed wind farm and in fact all other development promoted by private interests under the planning system.

“There is sometimes compensation payable by government and local authorities for developments such as road or rail schemes promoted by them. But these are usually taken forward under legislation other than the planning act or by direct acts of Parliament.”