February 16, 2012

Wind farm continues to stir controversy

WANE, www.wane.com 15 February 2012

County leaders held another meeting Wednesday night to discuss a plan to put in a wind farm in Whitley County. Dozens of people had hoped to share their opinions, but didn’t get the chance.

Those who live nearby came armed with signs and buttons promoting their stance, but the chairman of the Whitley County Plan Commission reminded everyone that it wasn’t a pubic hearing. “Our vote is a recommendation to the commissioners, so we’re not approving or disproving a wind farm,” explained Brandon Forrester.

He assured them, though, that they’d get the chance to have their concerns heard very soon.

So many people showed up for the meeting, some couldn’t even fit in the room.

“There’s a lot of emotions and a lot of interest in this activity,” said Galen Ebergart, who’s for the wind turbines. “It speaks well of the Whitley County citizens.They are not going to take things for granted and they’re going to look at things, look under every rock and if see something is hidden there.”

“People are taking note of what our government is doing,” Mark Mynhier said, who’s against the wind turbines. “We’re trying to get involved.”

There was a vote that was taken tonight to set up a time and place for the public hearing. It’s set for 6:00 p.m. on March 21 at the 4-H Center.

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