February 16, 2012
Letters, Maryland

Phasing in wind power would double average energy costs

The Baltimore Sun, www.baltimoresun.com 16 February 2012

Environmental expert Alex Pavlak pointed out some interesting facts regarding Governor O’Malley’s offshore wind farm idea (“The energy is clean, but the system for getting it is not,” Feb. 10).

The governor’s goal is to produce one-fifth of our energy needs by green methods by 2022. Mr. Pavlak points out that green energy costs roughly four times as much to produce as our current generators. A little simple math shows the average cost per kilowatt hour would double in today’s dollars.

Assuming Maryland ratepayers and legislators permit this atrocious idea to become law, shame on us.

Bob Vaughan, Lutherville

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2012/02/16/phasing-in-wind-power-would-double-average-energy-costs/