February 15, 2012

Residents angry over new wind turbine plans

Llanelli Star, www.thisissouthwales.co.uk 15 February 2012

A new wind turbine could soon be towering over Gwendraeth Valley farmland – to the outrage of nearby residents.

Jonty Hay, of Hay Farms, has requested planning permission from the council to place the 48-metre-tall structure at Poplar Tree Farm.

It would look down over the village of Pinged, where householders are preparing to oppose the scheme.

Pinged resident Caroline Piercy said: “Myself and other residents are angry at the plans.

“This would not only cause an unwanted increase in noise levels for residents and livestock but would also have a visual impact on this part of the Gwendraeth Valley.”

She added that many residents felt they had been left in the dark after receiving no notification of the development, and that she only found out about it by reading Carmarthenshire Council’s planning notice in the Star.

“No site notice has been displayed at the entrance of the proposed site and residents have not received written notice of the application,” she said.


“There is not long to go until the deadline and I think the residents of Pinged should be aware of this and be able to make their thoughts heard before it’s too late.”

The planned 80kW turbine is twin bladed, with a hub height of 39 metres and blade length of 9 metres, and could be less than 500 metres from some residential properties.

Mrs Piercy also drew attention to a recent move by Carmarthenshire Council to extend the buffer zone around any new wind turbines up to 1,500 metres. If adopted, it means that the authority’s new Local Development Plan in 2013 could make it policy that development closer than 1,500 metres should not be allowed.

Of the proposed turbine at Pinged, she warned: “If this application is allowed to go ahead it will possibly set a dangerous precedent for further wind turbines in the area.”

A Carmarthenshire Council spokeswoman said last week: “The planning application was submitted to the council on January 18.

“The application has been published on the council website and site notices are due to be posted in the area this week.”

Residents have until Wednesday, February 22, to register their views. Comments can be made by e-mailing planning@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

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