February 14, 2012

Donald Trump letter to National Trust Chairman Simon Jenkins

Donald Trump, 14 February 2012

Sir Simon Jenkins
The National Trust
P.O.Box 39
Warrington, WA5 7WD

Re: Wind Power

Dear Sir Simon:

I want to commend you for your candid comments concerning wind turbines being a “public menace” that “wrecks the countryside” – – – I could not agree more! These unsightly steel turbines are rapidly destroying the United Kingdom’s natural heritage and plans for the future proliferation of these ugly structures will make your beautiful landscapes into an industrial wasteland. Tourism revenue will go to other European countries that respect their shores and your population will bear the burden of skyrocketing energy bills to subsidize these inefficient monsters.

As you may know, I recently wrote to the First Minister of Scotland urging him to reconsider his current wind power proposals (I have attached a copy of my letter to him for your convenience). To date, Mr. Salmond has failed to respond. What’s worse, Scottish Natural Heritage and VisitScotland, the governmental agencies charged with the responsibility of protecting Scotland’s heritage and tourism, remain completely silent on the issue – – – its pathetic!

It is fortunate that people like you have the wisdom and foresight to identify these menaces and the guts to speak out publicly against this indiscriminate vandalism.


Very truly yours,

Donald J. Trump

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