February 13, 2012
Letters, Rhode Island

Questions swirl about Tiverton wind efforts

Sakonnet Times, www.sakonnet.com 13 February 2012

Which way is the wind blowing in Tiverton? That is one of the many questions that the town has to ponder as a result of the recent town council/planning board workshop meeting. As with any question, there is a need for an answer.

The topic for the workshop was placing wind turbines on the industrial zone land owned by the town and by the two water districts. Presentations were made by Apex, a private firm, and East Bay Energy Consortium (EBEC) to site turbines on these properties.

A critical step on the proposed timeline given by the two was the question of whether the town would allow turbines in industrial zoned land. This question should be answered in the immediate future. The work being done by the state agencies is only guideline and the town has to determine this aspect.

Why not include nearby school properties in this mix? Should the school department seek revenues from this project? How sound is EBEC? They plan to offer tax exempt bonds, yet they have no assets, no financial backing from the state or the town/cities? Will the bonds be rated junk bonds?

Is the town getting the short end of this deal with the offer of 4 percent return while the other members benefit profitably and are not willing to allow turbines in their towns/cities?

Why doesn’t the town have an alternate energy commission?

There are many more questions; all need to be answered.

Peter Moniz


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