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Wind industry does not deserve federal subsidies

The wind industry is a false market – it would not be profitable in the real-world market. It is supported by feds. with little risk by wind developers since they are using tax dollars. It is protected since wind operators get paid even when there is plentiful power from hydro. It is expensive and our energy bills may quadruple.

Wind power gets 88 times more federal electric subsidies per megawatt hour than coal or gas, yet returns less than 1 percent of our net electric power generation. Coal returns 44.5 percent; gas returns 23.3 percent. In the real business world, wind would go belly up.

Economy is the freedom from extravagance or waste.

Stop wind funding (HR 3307); its sponsors are Earl Blumenauer, D-Oregon, and Dave Reichert, R-Washington.

Do you think we will have the same luxury as the government to operate with a balance sheet in the red?

It is time to quit believing wind is cheap.

Judy E. Price