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Wind and solar prove to be unreliable

In this day of lies and deception, it would seem nice to have something reliable. Unless one is relying on wind. However, I must admit, wind is both reliable and unreliable. In a $28 megawatt market, wind is reliably over $100 a MW.

And just like always, when the weather was cold this last week, power plants and hydros were working hard while, just like always, the free green energy such as wind and solar was reliably contributing little to nothing – just like it always doesn’t during cold or hot snaps.

What wind was reliably doing was leaching power off the grid like a parasite, to keep its gear boxes warm and systems operative – each wind mill, at times, uses as much electricity as a residential house.

Now while it is cold, when the area could use extra help, wind and solar contribute little. From past performances, when there is plenty of low-cost power, such as in the spring, we will be forced to pay for the very expensive wind energy. How backwards is that? Why would anyone invest billions of dollars in a expensive system that works backwards to need and demand, unless it is one of the many actions made by people like Obama, Salazar, our governor, and state legislators, who obviously are purposely eroding our economy?

From the Internet, “What Coal Did Today” – provided power for 40 percent of 200 billion emails and 75 million Tweets; activation of 350,000 Androids; enhanced energy security for dozens of nations; enabled production of 2.4 million metric tons of steel; generated the power equivalent to 1,340 nuclear power plants; provide more than half the electricity for 3 billion people; fueled 60 percent of China’s industrial sector, and the list goes on.

Instead of the deceptive enviro “nut shell game,” thank you, Boardman Coal plant, local gas plants, hydros, Bonneville Power Administration and all the men and women employees for producing environmentally safe, clean, dependable, low-cost, renewable and reliable energy.

Thank you for providing reliable real jobs and supporting this area and state with reliable real economics!

Leonard C. “Pa” Routson