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Years of study leave the same conclusion

I am a Fairhaven resident who does not live close to the proposed turbine sites and am totally against the placement of these monstrosities.

Almost five years ago when the town originally proposed to bring these turbines here I started my investigation into them. I am not an expert, but searched out experts in the field that are not hired guns by the wind industry. At that time, I was concerned with the decreasing value of homes close to the turbines and am still concerned about that.

What I have been researching now are the health effects these turbines have on people and, frankly, it terrifies me that we will have two in very close proximity to people’s homes, the bike path, but more importantly the new Wood Elementary School.

I take offense to Brian Bowcock’s article in The Standard-Times singling people out and saying they will not be affected by the turbines and that they just don’t want them in their backyard. Well, maybe there are people in this town, myself included, that do care about our neighbors’ health and the health of the children in this town. I would hope as an elected official Dr. Bowcock would feel the same, but from his article I don’t believe that is the case.

When he tells us there are no health concerns, where is that information coming from? because I have found an abundance of articles that dispute that. We should not take the word of the builder of the former Palmer Capital that is no longer a corporation but is now Fairhaven, a Limited Liability Corporation.

This means that only the town will be able to be sued if things don’t go well (which, in my opinion, they won’t if these turbines go up). An LLC can be dissolved immediately. It’s a tool used by the 1 percent so that they can’t be held negligent.

I urge the Board of Health and the people of Fairhaven to look at the information out there, and there is plenty of it that shows the adverse health effects on some people in close proximity to these turbines. Listen to the real experts that have no connection with the wind industry. Listen to the people who have come forward with health issues of their own. Please protect the people of Fairhaven.

Be educated. Be windwise.

Dawn Devlin lives in Fairhaven.