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Wind farms are not the answer

Recently, an Ogle county group expressed alarm with health fears of wind farms. There may be emotional basis for their contention, but the science is doubtful. Wind farms should be opposed because they are useless endeavors founded upon emotionalized climate change alarmism and theft.

What if your furnace or A/C only ran if the wind was blowing? Clearly unsustained wind energy is not worth much! Why then do politicians mandate utilities buy sporadic wind energy at the same price as reliable electricity and then subsidize wind farms with billions of dollars they borrow and add to deficits and debts? And at the same time force electricity cost up? Could it be they care more about distributing Big Wind money and controlling minds than they care about peoples electric bills and reliable energy?

Most people, the media and technically uneducated believe the Big Wind industry fabrication that they are saving Earth, the environment and life, from CO2 devastation by replacing steam generated (coal, gas, nuclear) electricity with giant wind farms. Nothing could be further from the truth! Wind power increases CO2 because for reliable availability and stability, equivalent steam electric generators must operate to support wind farm generation. Steam plants are inefficient when throttled up or down to balance intermittent windfarm generation. Wind farms thus duplicate and complicate the equipment, management and cost of system operations and consequently increase electric bills.

While the gullible public believes wind and solar energy farms reduce CO2, they are actually used to generate big tax write-offs and subsidize profits for big investors and corporations. Energy farms provide huge depreciation deductions that offset taxable incomes for investors. That is how GE and Warren Buffet reduce income taxes while they increase their wealth. And it is why big-money boys build, buy and sell energy farms so as to grow rich from the rapid depreciation cycles that tax law politicians provide. Then too there are the totally unethical that abuse government energy investment loans, live the high life and declare bankruptcy after spending all they can steal from the government (taxpayers). This said little of how local politicians are drawn into energy farm schemes by the taxes they can collect without people knowing they pay indirectly in electric bills.

For more, Google “Big Money and Big Wind” by Glenn Schleede.
Demand politicians end extension of subsidies and fast depreciation to big money energy farms and corps as they are doing in Europe because they doubled costs of electricity and bankrupted economies.

Politicians caution against scammers! We must guard too against Big Money CO2 politicians!

Robert Becker