February 8, 2012

Thieves turn to windfarm sites for scrap metal cash

By Craig Robertson, Dumfries & Galloway Standard, www.dgstandard.co.uk 8 February 2012

Thieves are targeting windfarms for metal.

The police have been alerted to cases where parts of turbine structures have been stolen for scrap.

Chief inspector John Thomson told councillors on a Nithsdale area committee, said: “Sadly, anything that is metal, people will steal. We’re seeing everything being stolen, from drain covers to signs.”

He added that scrap yards were being asked to look out for metal that was potentially stolen and check the origin of it.

Mid and upper Nithsdale councillor John Syme said bold thieves in the Sanquhar area even removed drain covers and threw them in a field in an attempt to pick them up later.

He said: “This is getting quite severe in our area and it seems to be people with drug problems that are the people involved and need the money to feed their habit.

“On January 2, I was called out as two drain covers were missing in the street. Thankfully no-one was hurt.

“They threw them into a field so they could come back later in a van and pick them up.”

The theft of drain covers and road signs has become a major problem nationwide.

And last week it was revealed that some criminals are prepared to dice with death for scrap metal.

Raiders scaled an electricity pylon at Culvennan Farm near Castle Douglas to steal 300 metres of cabling.

According to ScottishPower the thieves risked their lives for metal with a scrap value of just £200.

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