February 8, 2012
Letters, Scotland

No-one listens to wind farm objections

The Galloway Gazette, www.gallowaygazette.co.uk 8 February 2012

We live in a democratic society so why are the council and government not listening to us? Every day in our national newspapers and every week in our local ones we read of the dislike of wind farms, large and small, on and offshore. They have been proven to be ineffectual, costly and a cause of health problems. Objections are made with good reason to councillors who more often than not refuse the planning applications. The wind farm companies then appeal to the Scottish government, which usually gives them the green light. Where is the democracy?

Here we find ourselves in our beautiful corner of Galloway being attacked from all sides by an unceasing barrage of wind farm applications, from large-scale offshore proposals at the Mull of Galloway for 400 to 1000 turbines, with a turbine height of 190m (just over 600ft), making it the second largest in Europe, and onshore proposals for two 100m (328ft) turbines at Glenstockadale Farm, to name but two applications. This does not take into account all the smaller applications by local farmers/landowners.

Do the power companies and the government think that, because our area is not highly populated, what we say doesn’t matter or do they not care about what we think or say? If we do not put a stop to these monstrosities, the tourists will stop coming to this area altogether.

Stena’s move to Cairnryan has had an effect on local businesses already. We dread to think what will happen if these proposals go ahead. There will be more turbines than people if things carry on the way they are .

The Two Debbies (Murray and Knight),

4 Sandmill Crescent, Stranraer.

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